Key West: Mexican Street Treat at the beautiful coast line.

Cyborg Franky

5/1/20233 min read

Welcome to Part 2 of my Florida journey, where I had the pleasure of visiting the captivating island of Key West. Situated at the southernmost tip of the United States, Key West offered a brief yet unforgettable experience. As we ventured further south from Miami, a breathtaking archipelago unfolded before us, with each island appearing like a procession of ants gracefully marching in line. Known collectively as the Keys, these interconnected islands are linked by a series of road bridges, inviting you to embark on an extraordinary road trip. If you're feeling adventurous, you might even consider a daring swim between islands. As I drove through this mesmerizing chain of land masses, nature's marvels unfolded at every turn, leaving me in awe of Key West's sheer beauty.

It would be a crime to visit Key West and not appreciate its beauty and culture. Key West is not only a haven of natural beauty but also a vibrant hub of rich culture and intriguing history. The island's picturesque landscapes, with its crystal-clear turquoise waters and dazzling sunsets, create an idyllic backdrop that captivates visitors from around the world. However, Key West's allure extends beyond its breathtaking scenery. The island's cultural tapestry is woven with influences from various sources, including a significant Cuban heritage. The Cuban influence, evident in the architecture, cuisine, and lively atmosphere, adds a distinct flavor to the island's vibrant cultural mosaic. From savoring authentic Cuban delicacies to immersing oneself in the lively rhythms of salsa and Latin music, Key West offers a delightful blend of tropical charm and Cuban zest that enchants all who set foot on its shores.

During our brief visit to Key West, we had the opportunity to indulge in a tantalizing taste of Mexican street food. Nestled near the shore, Amigos Tortilla Bar emerged as a vibrant gem. As we stepped inside, we were immediately immersed in the festive ambiance inspired by the iconic Day of the Dead celebration. Colorful skeletal figures adorned the walls, reminiscent of the enchanting world depicted in the beloved film, Coco. The lively atmosphere blended seamlessly with the tantalizing aromas that filled the air, enticing our taste buds and promising a delightful culinary adventure.

We ordered a few dishes: Mexican fried potatoes, Baja Fried Shrimps Taco, Carne asada Quesadilla.

Mexican fried potatoes are potatoes cut in strips and fried topped with the Amigos spice blend, Garlic Aioli, Cotija Cheese and green onions. The crisp of potatoes with the zesty amigo spices and the zing of garlic. It is just a burst of flavors inside the mouth. Ingredient as simple as potato can be turned into something magnificent is just so amazing.

Baja Fried Shrimps Taco had beer battered shrimps topped with garlic aioli, pico de gallo and Cotija Cheese with tomatillo salsa on the side. Crispy, golden-brown shrimp, perfectly seasoned with a delicate blend of spices, offer a satisfying crunch with every mouthful. The shrimp's natural sweetness harmonizes beautifully with the tangy and refreshing notes of lime and cilantro, creating a tantalizing contrast of flavors. The accompanying slaw adds a delightful crunch and a hint of freshness, while a drizzle of creamy, tangy sauce brings the entire composition together. The combination of textures and flavors is nothing short of pure culinary bliss, leaving you craving each subsequent bite. Carne asada quesadilla was as good as it gets. Carne asada stands for beef steak and chihuahua Cheese stuffed inside a tortilla. Carne asada is something which can never go wrong and they did justice to it.

End of the day we were glad that we chose this spot. It was worth every penny. Later we spent our evening chilling at the beach and swimming and seeping in the magnificent scenery. This brings us to the end of this blog.

See you next time until then Take care!!!